Breakfast EP

by Ryan Heinz

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Featuring ItsMeJamison, B. Done, Prohibeo, & More


released March 22, 2017

Special thanks to AugKim, Jamison, Prohibeo, & Hauntxr



all rights reserved


Ryan Heinz Detroit, Michigan

Breakfast EP available now.

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Track Name: 7AM (ft. Jamison)
chilling with my girl she the baddest
feeling like the man i'm the raddest
i don't give a dang i'm so savage
got a bank full of green, look like cabbage
stacking up my paper, feeling mad rich
chilling at the crib like a palace, hit me up if you need an adlib
i'ma cash out then i cash in
always gotta keep the paper stacking
getting to the money never lacking
i hit the jackpot, bout to get paid
i hit the gas stop and fill up my energy
reel in the checks, i'm feelin the vibe
seeing what's next, i'm chilling inside
i'm feeling up next, i can feel it inside
i make it look easy, as simple as pie
i take it and bake it that's easy, i lie
coming for me and i'm leaving you fried
these haters are thirsty, i'm leaving em dry
i'm at it again, watch me do it, oh my
this ain't pretending, i'm feeling so right
i do it all day man, i do it all night
making these hits, you can catch me on sight
making a beat and just feeling the vibe

talk about me i don't listen
still that bad kid bart simpson
always getting sent to detention
now i'm out of school and i'm livin
still so young and i'm swervin
might just roll a backwood honey bourbon
pull up to your town and now i'm lurkin
me and jamison straight murkin'
alotta people acting so hateful
i'm just doin me and i'm grateful
that i wake up everyday still breathing
puffin og smoke cause i need it
Track Name: Face Your Demons (ft. B. Done)
i don't need your time, occupied with my dreams (shh)
they won't let me sleep, so i'm up just trynna sing
face my demons every morning, every night before I sleep
take a look inside my mind before you try to judge me (judge me)

quit the actin, you be slackin, I stay working on my passion
while i'm chillin, smokin if you hatin you can taste my ashes
had a hard time in school, now I'm steady doin things I love,
smokin blunts and bumpin beats, and ima put the rest above
trynna go to cali, cop a pound, and smoke it to my face (to my face)
everyday I wake up and I know that this journey awaits
ima keep progressin, learn my lessons
then go make my way (make my way)
i ain't perfect never been i face my demons everyday (everyday)

[b. done]
no reason to face demons, all alone without meaning
as those who try to oppose, the flows of them who keep breathing
we be needing new structure at the foundation of faith
no matter the belief it's better too about faith
remain strong, in resistance for instance, against the great
in this vast apocalypse just know it's never too late
don't hesitate, take a breath and stare deep in evil eyes
we the people combine to form a vultron type of mind
battlefield bodies, laying bloody and beaten
but overstep fallen soldiers and know we never defeated
i survived my own battle so i know what i'm speaking
that makes it easy to say i beat the boss of my demons
Track Name: Same Kid
it's a rainy monday morning
everybody's snoring, i'm up just recording
thinkin bout my life and the people that i love
came from hot florida weather to freezing up in the glove
bitch i keep it real, everywhere that i go
and i seclude myself, cause that's the way that i flow
gotta go, that's my only words when you hittin my phone
still young, so i still got alotta time to grow

still that same kid on the same shit
step in front of me i'll do a lane switch
long nights, i'm just making music
trynna make me mad you really foolish

i'm just cruising down the highway, late night on a friday
livin life my way, juggin hard, crime pays
i know it's difficult to see that i'm that dude
because i'm too smooth with a bad attitude, are you new?
catch me pullin up to your avenue
sippin on my potion while i'm ridin by i laugh at you
cause you are laughable, we ain't compatible
i never liked ya'll anyway so fuck you
i'm doin everything you wish you could +2
feelin like i'm bart simpson when i come through
people try to limit you so you can't be shit
i swear that everyday my heart keeps freezin
and my mood just depends on the season
all my dreams in sequence, believe it
Track Name: Breakfast
cookin breakfast pourin up the lemonade
livin everyday like its a saturday
fuck it everyday is like a friday
now we gunna do this shit my way
wake up in the morning and i'm starting my day
thinkin bout my life and how i'm gonna get paid
cruisin all alone i might get me some food
bad kid lifestyle, but i'm still that dude
catch me on an island with a blunt laid back
3 grams in the wood i'm about to face that
always roll fat, lookin like a baseball bat
got your girl on my line but i'll never call back
i'm the same kid stayin on the same shit
and i'll never change i'ma do a lane switch
rather make hits, feelin anxious
cause i'm growin up fast
chasin money stacks cause i'm trynna get a pad
devil stole my life so i had to take it back
i was lost for a minute but now i'm back on track
north side tribe high till the day that we die
sip a glass of OJ while i look up to the sky

shoutout to my brothers lenny jamison and mike
Can't forget josh cause that man got me for life
feelin so right when i step up to the mic
everytime i make a track i feel like its alright

shoutout to frank too that man stay fishin
shoutout nasty swag clothing
shoutout underground elevation